Webster Farmers Market in the News!

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The crazy wisdom community journel

Feature of Fall 2018 Issue

We put a lot of thought into this market. We combined everything we loved about farmers markets, local stores, and pop-up shops to create a model that shared some of our favorite aspects of each of these venues.

We also wanted to support farmers and producers within the same community as the market and customers. We decided to create a vendor preference of a 20 mile radius. We have one or two outside of this radius, but most of our vendors are actually within five miles of the market. We were able to accomplish this by working with smaller farmers and producers within our area.

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Whitney farmstead newsletter

March 2018 Newsletter

Starting the Webster Farmers Market, for me, is in part a way to remind our community that Webster was once a place that revolved around the ebbs and flows of farming. It is up to everyone who lives here to decide what a being a part of a rural community means to them.

Having a weekly community event that is centered around food and farm goods, located in Webster’s own beautiful historical village, seems like a good place to start in celebrating and preserving our rural heritage.