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5501 Webster Church Rd, Dexter, MI 48130

Home of the Indoor Webster Farmers Market.

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If you have never been out to the Webster Farmers Market, welcome! Our market is modeled a little differently than the traditional farmers market and was established in December of 2017.

Fun facts about our market:

1. Our market has one checkout area for all vendors.

Since our market is community ran, many of our vendors are active running the market and cannot stand directly behind their products. This system allows us to set up our goods in a similar fashion to a pop-up shop and have one checkout area for all vendors. Some of our vendors are behind their tables and some are helping run the market. Overall, you still are able to meet each producer and easily shop for weekly essentials. This has created a comfortable and pressure free environment for both customers and vendors. Also, we are able to easily accept cash, card and checks at the checkout area.

2. You will find woven shopping baskets at the entrance of the market.

When you come into the market, you will be greeted by an assortment of woven baskets. You may grab the basket of your liking and use it to walk around the market to easily pick out a variety of items. When you are done picking out your local goods, you can bring the basket up to the checkout area and we will input the items by vendor. We will then bag up you items in a paper bag or in your reusable bag. 

3. We provide complementary coffee by Stovetop Roasters.

Since the vision of our market is to connect the community and our market is held on a Sunday afternoon, we thought complementary coffee would be appropriate. This allows folks to meet or reconnect while enjoying a fresh brewed cup of coffee and gives the market a lovely feel (and smell!). It is also a way to say thank you to all of you for supporting our market and taking the time to slow down to recconect with your community.

4. All of our vendors are nearby or from Webster Township.

When creating the market mission, it was very import for us to keep all of our vendors local. Many of our vendors (like Whitney Farmstead, Blue Spring Farm, Webster Works, Garden Works, Webster Wool, Nice or Naughty Baked Goods, La Baguette) live within a few miles of the market and the rest of our vendors are close by in Ann Arbor, Dexter, Chelsea or Pinckney. Keeping our vendors local has created a wonderful sense of community in our market between our regulars and our vendors. Our vendor group has become much like a family to us and we are so thankful for all the help each vendor has contributed to the market.

5. We work with the Webster Historical Society.

Our vendor fees go directly towards helping the historical society carry out their mission and maintain the historical buildings of the Webster Corners Village on Webster Church Road. Our outdoor and indoor locations are both located on the beautiful Webster Historical Society grounds. These grounds include a Blacksmith Shop, Podunk School (historical, one-room school), The Dieterle Corncrib (corncrib event stage) and five other historical buildings. Learn more about the Webster Historical Society:

6. Our vision behind the market is reestablishing a sense of community in Webster Township and surrounding areas.

The Webster Farmers Market was founded by Malaika Whitney, who is the owner of Whitney Farmstead in Webster Township and an active member of the Webster Historical Society. She dreamed of creating a weekly event in Webster Township to reconnect the rural community and surrounding areas. She started this market with the help of her sister Violet and brother-in-law Nick, who both feel in love with the idea of bringing the community together through local goods and reestablishing the sense of community. The three of them now work together as market managers.

Here is a small blurb about starting the Webster Farmers Market by Malaika:

"My family has been a part of this small rural community since 1900 and for 5 generations the Whitneys have been ingrained in nearly every aspect of this special place. Most of the people who were a part of my childhood, can be found sitting in the pews of the Webster Church on Sunday mornings, or buried in the Cemetery outside the church, or else at home somewhere nearby, their place in the community taking shape in some other way. Webster has always been the kind of place where even if you don’t someone directly, you know about them and they know about you, and if you were to find yourself conversation, you could talk for a very long time about all the ways your families paths have crisscrossed in the past and present."

How to stay updated?

Connect with us on social media to stay updated with weekly happenings, vendors and fun times at the Webster Farmers Market!

If you visit market and capture a lovely photo, feel free to tag us!  #websterfarmersmarket

Thank you for supporting the Webster Farmers Market! We have really enjoyed meeting and reconnecting with friends near and far. Your support means a huge amount to us and we are excited for what the future of the Webster Farmers Market holds. Thank you for supporting your local community! 

Here is a little information on the impact of buying local food from Taste the Local Difference of Michigan.

Thank you for supporting local.

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